Too Long; Didn’t Watch – 08/09/17

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Week two of the player break and the dearth of matches continues. Fortunately for us, there’s been a whole bunch of exciting news to fill that space. Big names are moving here and there, making next month’s return to play all the more exciting. Let’s look at the biggest news from the week.

Big Changes –

Guardian to Faze
Only a week after leaving NaVi’s active roster, GuardiaN has found a spot on Faze, replacing their former AWPer, allu. It’s great to see that, while his performance may dropped in the last year, this old hand of CS is far from ready to quit the game. After playing for NaVi for so long, perhaps a change of scenery will provide the energy needed for Guardian to reclaim his spot as king of the AWP.

Hobbit bought out by Gambit
Gambit were looking on grand form during the PGL Krakow Major, and their success was due in no small part to Kazakhstani, Abay ‘HObbit’ Khasenov. Their clutch savior in a number of vital rounds during the final, he more than proved himself on the team. This week Gambit took the plunge and bought out his contract with Tengri for $100,000, securing him as a permanent fifth player. We’re extremely excited to see HObbit perform once again for Gambit during DreamHack Masters Malmö next month.

Winners & Losers

Winner: Gambit
As Major champions, Gambit now find themselves hot property, desired for events left, right and centre. IEM Oakland have invited the PGL winners for a chance to win their share of a $300,000 prize pool, but they’ll once again have to best the likes of Astralis and SK. Gambit have their work cut out for them in the meantime too, announcing they would compete in the ELEAGUE Premier 2017 qualifier on August 26th.

Winner:Gambit, again
If trophies and invitations weren’t enough, Gambit recently posted a video of their team’s reception in Kazakhstan. With three out of five players from the country, it’s fair to say they were welcomed as heroes. It warms the heart to see avid support for CS:GO teams in their home nations, and truly highlights how global the game is.


If you’ve been playing CS:GO (or DOTA, for that matter) in the last year, chances are you’ve received daily invites to spam groups offering crates, skins and more. Because more and more bots were being used to both create groups and invite people, Valve have finally taken action. Group invites can now only be sent by friends, which will hopefully alleviate some of that annoying spam, at least until they figure out another method.

Loser: allu
After Faze’s truly poor performance in Krakow, allu now finds himself without an active role, replaced by NaVi’s GuardiaN. Allu responded positively on twitter, and will remain with the org until a new team is found, but this is surely a tough time for the Finnish player. Having helped the team rise to within the top five in the world, allu has neverseen Faze quite pull out the performance needed for a big win.

Loser: Magisk
Another side looking to shakeup after mixed results is North, who have benched Magisk and are looking for a replacement. The young 19 year old has played with the side since 2016 and took part in their victory at EPICENTER:Moscow that year. Magisk hasn’t performed particularly poorly as a player for North, meaning the move may have arisen due to disagreements within the team. Keen to continue playing, Magisk is now looking for a new roster.

Loser: BIG
Due to a scheduling overlap, BIG have been forced to choose between playing their semifinal at ESL Meisterschaft Summer and competing in the ELEAGUE Premier 2017 qualifier. After showing they can pull their weight against the best, it’s no surprise to see them prioritise ELEAGUE, but it’s a shame for scheduling to cost both the team and tournament.

Play of the Week

In a match between Pride and iGame during the ESEA season 25, Pride’s Luzu4 clutches the final round of the half with absurd spray control. In a 1v2 retake of Overpass’ A-bombsite, Luz manages to hit two headshots during back to back spray transfers and win the round. Transferring from one target to the next is impressive, but to then go back again takes a whole other level of mastery.


If you don’t want to get tilted, you probably shouldn’t watch this clip. The AWP is generally considered an accurate weapon, but sometimes it can surprise you—and not in the good way. Lamenting his poor fortune on reddit, user dhmnuts scopes in not once, not twice, but thrice on an unsuspecting T to find his shots mysteriously dodge the target before finally hitting, but only through a wall. Valve, pls fix.

The Pulse

NiP release Friberg
Friberg has announced his release from NiP, along with a desire to continue playing. After testing out the role of analyst at Cologne, Friberg now seems keen to return to play, opening up to offers via email or twitter for the coming season.

Crouch jump & Tec-9 changes inbound
Valve have posted pre-release notes for upcoming changes to the game, including a fix for the crouch-jump bug, both in viewmodel and audio. In addition, pistols are being reworked, starting with the Tec-9. Changes to spamming accuracy hope to emphasise skill over luck. One odd result of this is that the Tec-9 will have a higher first shot accuracy than the AK-47.

Fnatic hint at Olof’s departure
Fnatic have announced the release of an Olofmeister mousepad and asked players to send in their best montages and artwork as tribute to the player. This move heavily implies his imminent departure from Fnatic. With rosters for Malmö required before the 22nd, we should hear of any news before then.