The winner Clash For Cash takes home a briefcase of money

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The ELEAGUE Clash for Cash kicks off in a few hours, and while we always knew the prize for the winner was going to be $250,000, we didn’t think they would be lifting a literal briefcase full of money.

However, that looks to be the case (oof), with either Virtus Pro or Astralis running over to a literal briefcase of money and hoisting it into the sky to celebrate their win.

Trophy design in the world of CS:GO has certainly taken some twists and turns over the years, but now we seem to have gotten to a decent place. ECS’ trophies have been cool, while the ESL Pro League Season 5 trophy was unique. Even the IEM Sydney one was pretty cool, but we have to say that a briefcase full of money is certainly our favourite yet.

This is going to be quite the spectacle, and you are not going to want to miss it.