Watching Olof discover an Overpass boost feels weird

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Fnatic’s Olofmeister is familiar with the potential of exciting boosts on Overpass, as you probably don’t need us to tell you, so watching him discover a new one while browsing Reddit feels oddly mischievous. Here’s the clip courtesy of the CS:GO sub:

Perhaps it says a lot about how far we’ve come since The Event that the most prominent topic of discussion in the short thread that follows is Olof’s decision to open new browser tabs with a right-click and menu selection rather than mid mouse button or ctrl-click. (Although to be fair, yes, what is he doing.)

Olof ultimately decides this new boost is not for him. If you are interested in revisiting a mildly famous occasion on which he and his team-mates did decide an Overpass boost was worth pursuing, make sure you check out the RoomOnFire documentary on Boostgate, which covers the whole fantastical episode.