Virtus.Pro will face SK in Cologne (in soccer match)

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The request to go to Cologne was sent to our bosses about two minutes after we saw this announcement.

Virtus.Pro and SK Gaming will face off in a soccer match just after ESL One Cologne, and somewhat worryingly just before the Major. The match will take place on July 10th, somewhere in Cologne with Team FalleN (SK) taking on Team Pasha (VP). The match has its own website and everything.

Teams for the match will be announced in a few days and we have no idea who could be included. We presume it won’t just be the two teams in a 5v5, otherwise they wouldn’t hold back the team announcement. The website suggests it will be a 6v6 affair, which would leave an extra slot on each team if all five players did play. This sent Reddit into a frenzy, suggesting that some massive names could be involved.

The event seems to have the blessing of ESL, despite being organised by ESForce, the monolithic company that owns both SK and VP. They seem to be making a pretty big deal about it, and if the initial tweets are to be believed, this will be streamed professionally and may even have a $50,000 bet riding on it.

If our bosses are reading this we totally need to go to ESL One Cologne and stick around for a few days afterwards. It’s totally not for this, nooooo, it’s so we can do… more work, yeah that sounds good. We need to stick around to do more work. [Nice try – Ed]