Virtus.Pro officially relegated from ESL Pro League, HellRaisers stay in

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We will be honest, we actually didn’t think this would happen when we wrote about it yesterday. Virtus.Pro have officially been relegated from the ESL Pro League for the second time in five seasons.

After losing to BIG in the first round of the relegation tournament VP went up against PENTA last night and got stomped 2-0. Both maps ended at 16-7 and VP genuinely looked awful. This loss relegates them from the ESL Pro League and means (barring any crazy rule changes as happened last time) they will have to play in the ESEA Premier Division next season.

VP are no strangers to doing poorly online, but this is quite the step backwards. Just weeks ago they lifted the DreamHack Masters Las Vegas trophy and just before that they made it to the final of the major and were just a couple of rounds away from winning. This turn in form is perhaps the worst we have ever seen. At least they have that guaranteed spot in the major and a $250,000 show match coming up.

Elsewhere in the relegation battle HellRaisers remain in the Pro League after beating BIG 2-0. BIG will now play PENTA for the final spot in the EU division. In NA Enigma6 are the first team to make it into the league, with Rush and Ghost Gaming set to play for the final spot.