Virtus.Pro dangerously close to ESL Pro League relegation, again

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Update: Boi they done did it.

Virtus.Pro once again ended up in the ESL Pro League relegation tournament, but with the other names competing many assumed that even in their current form the Polish team would be able to pull through. Now they are on the brink of relegation after losing their first match.

The double elimination bracket is pretty simple. Win two games and you are in, loose two games and you are out. The first round of matches saw HellRaisers beat PENTA Sports, and then unexpectedly BIG managed to beat Virtus.Pro.

The best of three only went two games, with BIG winning both. They took Inferno 16-12 and Cobblestone 16-14, booking themselves a place in the winners bracket final against HellRaisers, where the winner will be guaranteed a spot in the next season of the Pro League.

As for VP they now have to go up against PENTA in the first elimination match, if they lose that then they are out of the competition and will have to play in ESEA Premier next season (unless ESL bend the rules again to let them back in.) If they win that match then they will go on to face the loser of the HellRaisers and BIG match, with the winner getting into the Pro League and the looser ending up in Premier.