This video perfectly covers the Zeus and s1mple switch

Remember when we thought that swapping Zeus for s1mple was going to work out really well for Na’Vi? How times have changed.

Since bringing in s1mple, Na’Vi have only won one event, ESL One New York, and have really struggled over recent months, both online and on LAN. Meanwhile, Zeus hopped over to Gambit and transformed the team, getting them top eight at the Major and even bringing them multiple LAN victories.

For those of you that may not know the full story, YouTuber Vital CSGO has made this video telling you pretty much everything you need to know, along with more than a few memes.

There isn’t that much more to say. Zeus has done very well for himself since the switch while Na’Vi are probably regretting the change. Here’s hoping they manage to do a little better in the coming months.