Turns out IEM Sydney was pretty popular with the locals

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It is safe to say that IEM Sydney was one of the better events we have had in recent times. It had more than a few top teams, some big upsets, top level action, amazing broadcast talent and a show match that will live long in the memory. But the real star of the show was the Australian crowd, who were loud throughout the event, weren’t afraid to speak their mind and generally just had a good time. As far as crowds go they were up there with the one from the ESL Pro League Season 3 finals in London.

Anyway it turns out that the crowd was actually a lot bigger than we first thought as it has been revealed that 7,000 people attended the event on each day. Those are some pretty impressive numbers, with many events across the world not even coming close to that. While many were concerned that an event in Australia may be poorly attended this event has proved them wrong and gives hope that Australia may get more events like this in the future.

With Australia done and dusted a lot of eyes are turning to the ECS finals in London as the next questionable LAN event. With Wembley Arena to fill it certainly wouldn’t be a good look if FACEIT didn’t manage to sell more tickets than IEM Sydney.