Teams for the EU Minor qualifier confirmed

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The final European open qualifier has concluded, meaning we now know the teams that will be competing at the EU Minor qualifier. The teams that make it through this event will make it to the Minor and there they have a chance to make it to the main PGL Major qualifier.

Outlaws and managed to win the final open qualifier, giving them the final two spots in the closed qualifier. They join Dignitas, passions, Fnatic Academy, Tricked, North Academy and PENTA Sports as the teams that made it through the opens. The invited teams are BIG, EnVyUs, Epsilon, Heroic, Kinguin, LDLC, NiP and Space Soldiers.

These 16 teams will play a Swiss-style competition on May 18th and 19th, with the top eight going through to the Minor.

Of course the route to the Major itself if a very long one, and there is a chance that none of these teams will even make it to the biggest event of the year. With Minors, Minor qualifiers and Major qualifiers it all gets a little confusing. Fortunately this image has been doing the rounds that shows the route to the major for every team that still has a chance of making it.

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