Team EnVyUs survive the European Minor

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Team EnVyUs’ run through the EU Minor was supposed to be simple. They were supposed to crush everyone in their group, and then not lose a single map throughout the playoffs, making it to the Major Qualifier and taking home that big chunk of cash for winning.

But things didn’t go that smoothly. In their first match against Ballistix (the Fnatic Academy team under a different name), EnVyUs looked really quite bad, and ended up losing 16-13 on Cache. This meant that if they lost one of the best-of-threes they would be out of the competition entirely with no chance of making it to Krakow.

Their first challenge was against Team Kinguin, and EnVy’s form did not improve at all. The first map was all Kinguin, with them taking the win on Nuke 16-2. But then EnVyUs bounced back on Overpass and looked a lot better, taking a 16-13 win to set up a crucial third map. This time they were not messing about, taking a decisive victory on Cobble with a 16-9 scoreline to set up a rematch with Ballistix.

EnVyUs clearly leant a thing or two from their first match of the day, as they managed to make it past Ballistix on Cache with a 16-10 scoreline. The next map was Inferno and it looked like Ballistix could take it to a third map before EnVy pulled out the win in overtime with a 19-15 scoreline.

EnVyUs just squeezed through their group and now have a tough match against PENTA tomorrow. If they win that, they will be guaranteed a spot in the Major Qualifier.