Talent for IEM Sydney announced, skydiving already planned

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The time before IEM Sydney has really slipped away. When it was announced we thought we were in for a long Australian winter before we could get our cork-dangled hats out, but now it’s just a couple of weeks away. Anyway, the talent lineup for the event has been announced, and it has got us pretty hype. Mainly because OJ is going to be there, and any event with OJ is a good event.

Obviously it isn’t all about OJ. Seeing Uber get a shot at hosting the desk will be cool, and hopefully he can prove to be just as good as Machine. And of course they had to invite Spunj, who is quickly becoming one of the best analysts out there.

Interestingly when the talent list was announced Moses sent out this tweet.

Now that sounds like a good way to spend a day off. If it wasn’t on the totally opposite side of the world, and stupidly expensive to get there, then we would probably join them.