Summit1g overcomes Molotov curse by taking one for the team

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We all remember the time that Summit1g threw a pro match because he walked through his own molotov on match point when the round was won. Oh wait, you don’t remember that? Okay, well take a look at this.

Since that infamous moment Summit has been synonymous with molotov fails. Really things don’t get much worse than that, and it has stayed with Summit ever since. But now it seems like his molotov luck has turned, as this happened when he was playing with his new team and streaming.

You live by the molotov and you die by the molotov. Fortunately for Summit this time it worked out. As he rounds the corner he takes a molly to the face, but instead of this being a disaster it secures the round, as he blocks it from going onto the defusing player below. If this molly lands then they can’t defuse in time and lose the round.

For now it seems like Summit has the upper hand over the molotovs. But we are sure this rivalry will raise its head to haunt him once again sometime soon.