Skadoodle rushed to hospital this week

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Cloud9 AWPer Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham is currently in hospital after being rushed to hospital this week, meaning he is obviously not playing with the team.

Teammate shroud revealed that Skadoodle had a cyst in his intestines, which was operated on last week. Earlier this week he then passed out and he was rushed to hospital. At the time of shroud’s stream, Skadoodle had been in the ER for two days, and was suffering from internal bleeding, with doctors unsure of what the exact issue was.

Obviously with a very serious medical condition like this Skadoodle was not able to play Cloud9’s ESL Pro League matches this week, and was replaced by team coach Soham “valens” Choudhury. Cloud9 lost both matches to Misfits, but technical issues played a part in the first map.

The current health status of Skadoodle is unknown. All of us here at Boomeo wish Skadoodle a speedy recovery and hope to see him back to full fitness soon.