Shroud is back making big plays in Cologne

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It wouldn’t be a real top tier LAN event if Cloud9’s Shroud didn’t pop up with at least one big play. At the ECS finals a few weeks back his deagle shots were arguably the best play of the weekend, and now at ESL One Cologne he is again hitting the headlines for all the right reasons.

In C9’s opening playoff match against NiP Shroud pulled out some great shorts on Train. First up was this 1vs2 that really he should not have won.

Then just a few rounds later he pulled this 1v3 out of the bad and he really had no right to win this one, especially with the limited time available.

Sure NiP certainly helped him in both situations but it was still very impressive that he managed to pull them off. Some people may be calling for him to go but right now Shroud is proving that he deserves to be up there on stage with the best in the world.