ScreaM hits a sweet ace against FaZe

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There is a lot of big news in the world of CS right now with major investments, cheating scandals and big names being relegated, but every now and then you have to stop and appreciate a great piece of play, and that is exactly what this is.

In ECS last night EnVyUs faced off against FaZe in a match that many assumed would be an easy win for the StarLadder champions. But EnVyUs made it a lot more difficult than expected (at least in the first map), and ScreaM was in fine form. This lovely ace is one of the best we have seen on the new look Inferno.

That control is unreal, and the fact that he did it all with one clip in a silenced M4 makes it even more impressive. With just 20 bullets he has barely any room for missed shots but somehow manages to pull it off.

FaZe ended up coming back from this and won both maps in the series. They took Inferno 16-14 and then took Train 16-3. Still, this play was worthy of a win.