Sadokist on saturation: “Fans don’t want to go to that much stuff”

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Matthew “Sadokist” Trivett was on theScore esports’ podcast last week and joined the growing chorus of senior folks in competitive Counter-Strike calling for a reduction in the amount of top-tier events on the calendar.

“If you look at the way that it is right now, there’s definitely everyone during the boom wants their piece of the pie, but the problem is everyone is eating it too quickly and it’s going to be gone soon,” explained Sadokist in comments theScore highlighted.

Of course, Sadokist has a unique vantage point as someone who works at a ton of these annual events and experiences the punishing schedule himself. Pulling back and looking at it from a commercial perspective as well, the popular caster also pointed out that the sector’s rapid growth story could stall if potential investors are thrown off by questionable optics – not the faltering Green Wall in this case, but the sight of half-full stadiums like the MGM Grand Garden Arena during DreamHack Masters.

“Because there’s so much going on, you can’t keep running events of that scale and expecting it to grow, especially for advertisers looking at it and seeing empty arenas,” he noted. “Fans don’t want to go to that much stuff.”

And therein lies the rub. When a match like Astralis vs Virtus Pro at the ELEAGUE Major starts feeling pedestrian, like something you can see every other week, where’s the thrill? And as many people said at the time, the break prior to the Major – albeit artificially enforced by the holiday period – not only heightened our anticipation but also improved the quality of Counter-Strike on display, because teams had had time to practice and come up with new ideas. The relentless grind of event after event, with added travel, not only reduces the sense of novelty but damages the quality of the product as well.

Lol we said product.

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