Sadokist clarifies his VP throw comments from a few weeks back

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Back in the middle of the ESL Pro League season Sadokist was on the desk when Virtus.Pro played against Heroic and got destroyed 16-1. After the match Sadokist jokingly said that it looked like VP had thrown the game.

Since then his comments have been picked up by multiple people and some are starting to take them seriously, thinking that VP are in fact throwing games. Of course Sadokist meant this as a joke and has no evidence that VP are throwing, so he took to Facebook to clear up his comments.

“A few weeks ago, during an EPL broadcast match between Virtus.Pro and Heroic, I made controversial post game comments toward VP that were very obviously in jest, and not remotely serious,” said Sasokist. “It has come to light, however, that a few fires have spread in various circles as a result of these comments, and I feel the need to address it correctly, on behalf of myself, Virtus.Pro, and the ESL Pro League.

“Allow me to be perfectly clear: By no means do I think there is even a remote chance that VP are intentional manipulating the result and/or outcome of their matches…

“My words echoed frustration for the reasons stated above. Perhaps I even wished for them to resonate with Virtus.Pro; to anger them and encourage them to prove me wrong in the server. I feel it is about time they pick up their socks and earn their worth in league play. Perhaps I did not communicate this in the most effective manner, and as such I apologize for any undue hate that was directed toward Virtus.Pro. I sincerely wish them the best of luck in retaining their Pro League spot this week, as I feel it is the best for any true fan of Counter-Strike.”

So there you have it, VP aren’t throwing and Sadokist’s comments were little more than a joke. Don’t you just love drama?