Sadokist calls out Virtus.Pro for their poor form

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If any other team had posted results like Virtus.Pro have since winning DreamHack Masters Las Vegas then there would be serious investigations as to what went wrong. But because it was VP and we expect them to do just this when they succeed, no one seems that bothered. They are the masters of self-sabotage.

VP have lost nine of their last 11 maps, and quite a few of them were against teams they really should be beating. Last night things really came to a head when they lost 16-1 against Heroic. This score lead a lot of people to ask just what the hell was going on, but Sadokist thinks he has figured it out.

While a lot of people on Reddit took this a little too seriously it is impossible to think that VP are actually throwing matches. They make ridiculous stacks of money each year, and are supposedly the best paid players in CS. We have seen this from them time and time again, but right now it does seem like something is very, very wrong with The Plow.