Russian team disqualified from CIS Minor for VAC-banned player

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Russian team Hala Ares has been disqualified from the CIS Minor closed qualifier after it was discovered that one of their players has a VAC ban.

Bogdan “naumoff” Naumov is the player that has the VAC ban, but this was only discovered after the closed qualifier started and his team had taken a surprising victory over K29. Hala Ares managed to dispatch K29, who are tipped to do pretty well, 2-1 taking wins on Inferno (16-11) and Mirage (16-7).

But this result has since been overturned and K29 have been given the default win. Naumoff’s VAC ban means that he is banned from playing in any Valve event, and as this qualifier is tied to the Minor, which is tied to the Major, then this counts as a Valve event. As the team played with a VAC banned played in the competition then the entire team has been disqualified for breaking the rules.

Amazingly Hala Ares were directly invited to the qualifier, raising the question of why this wasn’t discovered beforehand.