RUSH and mixwell are staying with OpTic

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Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas and Will “RUSH” Wierzba will stay with OpTic Gaming despite rumors they were poised to leave the Green Wall.

OpTic CEO Hector “HECZ” Rodriguez broke the news in a video update on the team’s YouTube channel.

“Alright so I just got some really really good news – I just got off the phone with RUSH. RUSH and mixwell are both staying,” he said.

It’s been a tough few months for OpTic Gaming in Counter-Strike. After the incredible high of winning ELEAGUE Season 2 and narrowly missing out on the ECS Season 2 trophy a week later in December, the team was hit hard by Stanislaw’s decision to leave and join Team Liquid.

With DreamHack Masters Las Vegas just days away, OpTic drafted in Hiko, displaced by Stanislaw in the Liquid line-up, as well as coach Peacemaker, but results haven’t been great, with the team failing to make it into the top eight at DreamHack Masters or IEM Katowice, having already fallen short at the ELEAGUE Major.

The team recently parted company with Hiko again and Peacemaker followed, having apparently been able to make any kind of peace with the team’s heavily disrupted environment.

Keeping RUSH and mixwell in place is a rare bit of good news for OpTic fans, then, and HECZ’ message for fans was the same as it had been for the players.

I didn't want to sell them, I wanted them to stay, I wanted them to fight, I want them to fight to get to where we needed to get to. Like I told them over and over, I'm like, look where we were last year, did you expect to be where we were at the end of the year, and they both said no, and I'm like, we're going to struggle to find an IGL, we're going to struggle again, but the good thing is you're part of a team where the fans are gonna understand, they're gonna stick by you no matter show shitty you do, and I'm gonna stand by you no matter how bad you do. I'm like, you guys aren't quitters man, you guys are not quitters, let's get working, let's get cracking and start making it happen again.

Yeah we lost an IGL, a really really good one, probably the best one in NA, but one man does not determine how good a team is, I don't care how important it is, I don't care how much you guys said I don't know shit about fucking Counter-Strike. I know everything there is to know about SND (Search And Destroy in Call of Duty).

Hector 'HECZ' Rodriguez

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    Every time I watch one of HECZ’ videos I am struck by a) the amazing palaces of OpTic branding he seems to move within and b) how close he always gets to punching the camera.

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