Relax into your Sunday by learning how to actually play Nuke

Nuke may have been in the active map pool for the best part of a year now, but it feels like a lot of people, especially in our pubs, still don’t know how to play the map. We still see questionable nades, botched executes and some genuinely unbelievable wall bang attempts from people, and just start crying as we realize we are in for another loss.

Of course there are tons of tips videos on YouTube to try and help those people learn a few handy tips and tricks, but we hope to god that they don’t stumble upon this one and think it is a genuinely helpful video. 

While these tips may not help you win any games with one of the ‘clutch plays’ that it features, it sure is entertaining. We are a big fan of the smoke from near CT spawn that helps the T side make it into vents, and had no idea that you could go for a swim if you simply enable noclip. Although that power station area next to CT spawn is a bit scary for us.