Rank S live show coming to Facebook’s streaming platform

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Facebook is throwing a ton of money at esports in order to get live coverage on its streaming platform. It has already signed deals with ESL and DreamHack and now the social media company has announced, in partnership with ESEA, a new Rank S show called RankS Live. Yeah…really.

From June 1st Mark “Boq” Wilson will host a RankS live show, that will feature action from both Europe and North American RankS matches. However Boq will not be casting the matches in a traditional fashion, instead he will be jumping in along with the team dialogue and occasionally Boq might jump in for a mid game chat.

Outside of the live matches Boq and the ESEA team will also create a weekly 30 minute show that recaps all the goings on in RankS that week, along with guest appearances and other segments.

It seems like a weird one, and one that has drawn a lot of hate on Reddit, although that is mainly aimed at Facebook’s streaming service, but we think it has potential. Everyone loves watching RankS matches, even if it is a bit of a guilty pleasure, and higher qualify broadcasts can only be a good thing.

ESEA also confirmed that this will not impact anyone that streams RankS matches on Twitch, they are still free to do that.