Peacemaker is sticking with Misfits

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When it was announced that Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu was coaching Misfits on a trial basis we feared that it would be another team that just didn’t fit with his style and the coach would be out of work after a few weeks once again. Now almost a month later the organization has announced he is becoming a full time member of the team.

Peacemaker will join the team in their boot camp in the coming days, before heading out to DreamHack Tours in early May. The new Misfits roster will be hoping to put in a good performance thanks to the less than stacked field at the event.

“I am really pumped to start coaching once again,” said peacemaker. “Ben Spoont (Misfits’ CEO) together with all the management and players did their very best to make it happen and I’m really thankful on having this opportunity. I am confident that right now we have all the pieces needed to become a top team and for the first time in my coaching career I will have an actual IGL to share ideas and build a system with.”

With some up and coming French players in the roster and a brand new full time coach Misfits should be able to kick on and rise through the ranks of NA CS. If this gamble on the French kids works out then there really is no reason why the team couldn’t make an impact at some of the big international LANs, or even the next Major.