Pasha’s name too lewd for China

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When we found out that CS:GO was officially coming to China we knew there would be a few changes. First and foremost blood isn’t exactly liked over there, so we knew there would be some tweaks to that, and even bones aren’t really allowed in games, so we knew some of the skins wouldn’t make it across. But what we didn’t think would change were player names.

However this week we found out that Pasha’s in game name of Pashabiceps has been censored in the Chinese version of Global Offensive.

The part of his name that has caused the issue is “shabi”. Now to you and me that sounds like gibberish, but over in China it is actually pretty M-rated, whichever way you spell it.

While the exact translation seems difficult to come across, this seems to be the equivalent of a pro player accidentally having the F-bomb in the middle of their name. Of course Pasha is entirely innocent in all of this, unless it was some really long-term troll, in which case fair play to the man.

This does bring up some issues however. Valve’s rules don’t let players that have stickers change their official name, meaning he has to stick with it unless Valve make an exception. Some discussed how this could have an impact on sticker sales in the region. If they remain unchanged then they could be the most popular stickers ever, but if they are changed, or even not sold in the region then that is a lot of lost income. Obviously that is something for someone way smarter than us to figure out, as we are still laughing at the fact Pasha has a swear word in his name and had no clue.