NiP dangerously close to missing out on the Major

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For NiP making it to the PGL Krakow Major was always going to be a tough task, but no one expected this. In the Minor qualifier, which is a long way from the Major itself, NiP got off to a horrible start, losing to iGame on Train 16-7.

Sure, a slow start, but the legends of CS would come back right? Wrong. They went on to lose their next match to Red Reserve on Cobble 16-4. Yeah it was as bad as it sounds.

This set up an elimination match with Swedish rivals Epsilon. The loser of the match on Train would go out of the qualifier in last place, and a long way off making it to the Major. This time things looked up, as NiP got off to a solid start taking the first half 9-6. Things remained pretty even, with NiP up 14-12 as we went into a crucial 27th round. NiP had a less than stellar buy, but had little choice as Epsilon would have had a near unassailable economic lead if they went on another eco. They won that round to put them on match point, then they lost two rounds in a row to put the scores at 15-14 to NiP with one round left. Epsilon had a full buy with pretty much full utility while NiP were forced onto pistols. But a massive 1v3 Deagle clutch from Draken saved them, giving them the win and taking them through to day two of the qualifier.

This win kept them in the competition, but one loss and NiP are out of the running for the Major, before their campaign really began. Hopefully they play a lot better than they did on day one.