This is how much money is lost in dropped nades each round

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Just before ESL One Cologne got underway Moses sent out an interesting tweet, querying how much money is lost in nades that are dropped on death.

This sparked quite a bit of discussion, as it is a stat that we never really get to see. Sure it probably won’t be that much of a useful stat, but it would be an interesting one all the same. Fortunately for us, Redditor epickillerpigz, who might have the best Reddit name we have ever seen, decided to do the maths on this and produced these results.

In response to Moses’s tweet: here’s how much money in nades players are dying with from GlobalOffensive

That makes for some pretty interesting reading. We have to say we were shocked at how much money is lost through tis in each round. Sure we know that a lot of utility is dropped but we didn’t think it equated to this much.

Unfortunately there is a lot of caveats to go with these stats, which make them a little less useful than we would like. If we could get stats like this across every match for every player then we can maybe start to draw up some conclusions. Get on it HLTV!