Meet the hot new name in CS: Lo0p, Reddit’s homegrown superstar

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This might just be the best story to come out of the CS:GO community this year.

A post popped up on Reddit yesterday about a streamer named Lo0p, who was kicked from an ESEA game when people thought he was trolling. However Lo0p has HSAN type 2, which means he is legally blind and deaf and can sometime struggle to communicate clearly. You can see a clip from the game below.

After the post was made things went a little crazy. Lo0p’s Twitch stream went from around 10 viewers to around 3,000, which even he couldn’t believe. This was his reaction to hitting the milestone.

Big donations have also been coming in all day, with Moe throwing $500 his way and countless others giving sizable chunks of cash. And to be fair the stream has been incredibly entertaining. This guy can really play CS, with these being just a couple of the highlights that made it onto the /r/GlobalOffensive front page.

What started off as another example of the community being horrible has turned into something pretty great. Lo0p is now one of the biggest CS streamers on Twitch and has had a great day. Now we just really want him to start streaming again so we can continue to watch those sick plays.