Maikelele is still on good terms with NiP

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Remember when Maikelele was on NiP and all was good in the world? Man, those were the days, although we may be remembering them through these rose-tinted glasses that we are wearing to hide our tears about friberg’s departure.

Anyway, we all know how Maikelele’s time ended with NiP, but this week in an interview with Unikrn the man himself said that he is actually still on good terms with some the NiP guys.

As you can see he says that some of the players on NiP still want to play with him, but the issue is the ones that don’t want to play with him that stopped him from joining.

He did say that he is still open to the possibility of playing with some of them further down the line, but with his recent move to Red Reserve he probably won’t be joining forces with Friberg anytime soon.

The entire interview is totally worth a look, as he talks about a lot of different subjects including building the ill-fated Dignitas roster, where he revealed that the original plan was for it to be a Nordic team.