Learn the Canals callouts so you’re not calling everything “street”

A new map means a ton of new callouts to learn if you want to be remotely competitive, and while some people are trying to add a few new names here and there this seems to be the best callout map we have seen.

de_canals MAP CALLOUTS

There is nothing too complicated, everything is pretty obvious and most importantly they are all pretty unique, meaning we won’t get confused when someone shouts out something in a rush.

Of course some changes could happen, the fact that there are large areas of the river that don’t have more specific locations is a little surprising, and the stairs call near B is a little questionable as this map has a lot of stairs.

Give this map a quick study over the weekend and you will be all sorted for any upcoming matches on Canals. But if you’ve got your own callouts, like Machine and Pansy, then let us know yours. Maybe they’re as good as “ravioli”.