Launders quizzes Stanislaw on the new Liquid

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Ever since Stanislaw hopped on over to Team Liquid there has been a ton of questions. Why did he decide to move? Why did he make roster changes as soon as he got there? Will this team be able to match the success of early to mid 2016 Liquid? Can they really be the best team in NA?

Fortunately some of those questions were answered this week when Launders sat down with Stan for a pretty lengthy interview over on Yahoo! Esports. There are a few areas we would have liked to have seen them speak about, but for the most part this clears up a lot of things about the new Liquid.

What was really interesting to us was when Stan started to talk about how he uses jdm in matches, which then got him talking about how anti-stratting doesn’t work anymore, because they might not do what you expect. A while back trying to counter your opponents strats was the way to go, but now it seems like teams are moving away from that.

If you have the time the whole thing is certainly worth a lot. Stanislaw isn’t someone you see doing all the interviews, but he is one of the most interesting players out there, and his views on the game are fascinating.