Karrigan predicted OpTic’s ESL One Cologne success on day one

No one, not even us, managed to predict that OpTic would make it to the top eight of ESL One Cologne with only one loss in the group stage. Or at least that is what we thought, as it turns out that the one and only Karrigan managed to predict exactly that just as the tournament began.

It seems that Karrigan knew what was up with OpTic before everyone else did, but you do have to wonder if he let OpTic win their group stage meeting just so that he could be proved right.

OpTic’s ESL One Cologne run was certainly unexpected. They crashed out of both ECS and the Major Qualifier without winning a game and it looked like this iteration of the team was going the way of the dodo, but a change in in game leaders lead to this unbelievable change in the team and suddenly they were beating some of the best teams in the world.