Immortals officially release FNX, kNg or Horvy rumoured to take his place

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After it was all but confirmed yesterday, Immortals have officially benched Lincoln “fnx” Lau with team coach Rafael “zakk” Fernandes taking his place in the short term.

“Maintaining a healthy atmosphere is extremely important to us,” said Immortals in a statement. “We are benching Lincoln “fnx” Lau. Immortals is accepting trade offers from other teams, and we will be looking for a permanent replacement for our roster. In the meantime, fnx’s slot will be filled by our capable coach, Rafael “zakk” Fernandes.”

While the organisation seemed to suggest that it was the rest of the team’s decision to drop fnx, the player himself took to Twitter to suggest that wasn’t the case.

Fnx made his statement in a series of tweets in his native Portuguese, but a rough English version can be seen below.

“After Immortals’ announcement, I would like to say that it was my decision to drop to the bench. My reasons will remain secret, out of respect for Immortals. I do not have a destination set, and I will wait for the offers to come to choose the best option for me. I will keep giving updates and I hope you will continue to support me. I would like to thank Immortals for their support during these months. They have never done me wrong.”

With that all sorted everyone’s throughs turn to who will replace him in the long term. Over on Slingshot DeKay reports that they are looking to bring in Vito “kNg” Giuseppe, however other reports from ESPN suggest that it will in fact be João “Horvy” Horvath and he is just waiting on a US visa before he joins the team. The author of this article also took to Reddit to confirm this is what they have been told.