Holy moly that’s a bad molly

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We all mess up at times, but fortunately for us it is very rare that anyone is streaming our games, and they never have as many viewers as say, JasonR. Unfortunately for strebor when he messed up, JasonR was watching him, and streaming to thousands of viewers. Bad times.

This is just so unfortunate. Really it is totally acceptable to think that this molly will bounce as expected, but then Valve shows up and is like nope, that’s not how our game works. We do genuinely feel a little sorry for the guy, but then we watch it again and just can’t help but laugh. The quick look where he sees the bounce has failed and panic jump away at the end when he realizes what has gone wrong just makes it even better.

Chances are we will end up doing the exact same thing at some point, but fortunately for us only the other people on our team will be watching.