HLTV COO thinks these players will make it big

Petar Milovanovic, the COO and co-founder of CS:GO stats website HLTV, is a man who knows his Counter-Strike, and someone who often makes predictions that end up being true. His latest call is about some talented up and coming players who he thinks will hit the big time in the next few months.

XANTARES, who plays for Space Soldiers, is perhaps the most likely to become a true star in the world of CS:GO, as he has already proved that he can compete with the best players in the world. There others are less guaranteed, but they all have a very good chance after posting some impressive performances over the past few months.

As we have seen with Draken and Rez going to NiP, you never know when you might get called up to the big time, so you have to constantly be on top form just in case.