GuardiaN nails wallbang of the century

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We have all tried to hit some kind of ludicrous wall bang with the AWP, and it never comes off. Maybe once you tag someone and a teammate finishes them off, or if you are lucky someone walks in the perfect place just on the other side of the wall, but never have we hit a shot like this.

In his match against Fnatic in the ESL Pro League, NaVi AWPer GuardiaN decided to take a chance when playing on Train and boy did it work out. With Fnatic playing with just pistols and limited armour he took a shot that most pros wouldn’t even attempt, and somehow lined it up perfectly with Olofmeister’s head. A moment later and Olof is dead, wondering what the hell just happened, and the casters are going crazy.

A shot like this is just a thing of beauty. Obviously the players can’t see the outlines of their opponents like we can, so this was a totally blind shot. Half a pixel in any direction and this shot doesn’t land, and oh my god we just can’t believe it actually happened.

NaVi went on to win the map 16-7, although lost the next one 16-12. They currently sit in sixth place in the EU league.