GODSENT make it into the ESL Pro League

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Since the Fnatic reunion after the ELEAGUE Major, GODSENT have been pretty quiet. As they aren’t in the ESL Pro League their top-level competition has pretty much been limited to qualifiers, and even then not all that many people pay attention to those.

But now there is finally some good news for GODSENT fans, as they have managed to secure a spot in the ESL Pro League for Season Six.

After finishing sixth in the online portion of the ESEA Season 24: Premier Division, GODSENT were given a difficult run through the bracket stage of the competition. But they managed to easily make it past Epsilon and Team Spirit to face BIG in the final. GODSENT then took the best-of-three final 2-0, winning 16-10 on both Mirage and Cache.

The win gives GODSENT an automatic spot in the ESL Pro League next season, while BIG and PENTA Sports, who came third, will take part in the relegation tournament to try and win their way back into the competition. With GODSENT back in the Pro League next season, and having a spot in ECS, we should see their name pop up a lot more in the coming months, which is great news as it means we get to look at these swish new jerseys a lot more.

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