The girls go ham in Team Dignitas’ frag vid

Female CS:GO gets a lot of undeserved stick from the community, when actually there’s a lot of talent on show. After every major female event there seems to be at least one blooper reel that does the rounds, showing off all the fails from the event and generally making out the whole scene is represented by that goofy eco round. That’s why we we’re pretty stoked to see this awesome video from Team Dignitas showing some highlights from IEM Katowice.

As anyone who has read The Pulse before knows, we love a good montage, and this is as clean as they come. There isn’t a ton of unnecessary effects, there isn’t stupidly loud dubstep dominating the whole thing and it even squeezes in a story.

We also get to see just how good some of the players in the Intel Challenge are. Sure they may not be winning a Major against Astralis any time soon, but they are still capable of some incredibly high level Counter-Strike that we could only dream of being able to pull off.

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    undeserved stick… well played sir.

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