Gambit invited to DreamHack Summer but drop out of ESL One Cologne qualifier

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Gambit are the latest team to be invited to DreamHack Summer, joining SK Gaming as the first two invited teams. They will head to the $100,000 event in Jönköping between June 17th and 19th to compete against SK, four other invited teams that are yet to be announced and the winners of the EU and NA qualifiers.

Having won multiple DreamHack events in recent months Gambit’s invitation is no surprise. They have managed to establish themselves as top contenders at these big LAN events and will surely head into the Major as one of the favorites.

Outside of the DreamHack news, Gambit announced that they are dropping out of the ESL One Cologne qualifier that they were invited to. In social media posts that have since been deleted Gambit’s Zeus said that it was down to scheduling conflicts. There is currently no news on what will happen to Gambit’s place in the qualifier and who might replace them.