G2 pick up a Spanish team in league with Vodafone

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When we initially saw this news we thought it was a typo and some other organization with a similar name had picked up a Spanish team, but nope this is the real G2.

The organization, which already has one of the best teams in the world, has now signed a mostly Spanish side to compete in the new ESL Masters Spain. The competition features a pretty big €22,100 prize pool and a lot of big name brands are getting involved.

G2 has signed the new team in partnership with Vodafone, with the team playing under the G2.Vodafone name. The reasoning for this investment from Vodafone becomes a little more obvious when you add in the news that Movistar, one of its biggest cell service competitors in the region, already has a team and is also a partner for the league itself.

This new G2.Vodafone roster is made up of Rajohn “EasTor” Linato, Alfredo “enanoks” Alvarez, Aaron “nmt” Awad, Marcos “AEROZ” Gonzalez Ochoa and Carlos “peelk” Barrio. They have already started their ESL Masters Spain campaign, with a 16-8 win over Baskonia eSports.

With big names in both the esports scene and even outside of it investing in Spanish CS we could see some new top-level teams emerge from the region. Who knows, Spain could even become the new Brazil when it comes to having a lot of teams get real good, real quick.