Flusha pulls off an insane 1v4 in a stacked match

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We really shouldn’t be surprised when a pro player hits a play like this, but sometimes it is hard not to stare in amazement and think “now I know why these dudes get paid to play CS:GO.”

When playing in a pretty stacked PUG on stream, Fnatic’s Flusha managed to hit this incredible 1v4. Now if this was on his smurf, or against some randoms then we probably wouldn’t feature this, but look at the names that pop up in the killfeed.

First to go down is Nicolai “glace” Jensen, who just signed onto North’s academy team. Next is denis from mousesports, who is quickly followed by by his team-mate oskar, who gets hit with a unbelievable one-tap. Last up is Flusha’s own team-mate olofmeister, who lets his bro get the sneak up on him and hands the clutch over to Flusha.

All of it is some premier CS:GO, but that jumping one-tap onto oskar is the showstopper, and man are we pleased we got to see it.