FaZe invited to ESL One New York, G2 get jealous

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The invitations to ESL One New York just keep rolling on in. First it was NaVi and VP getting guaranteed plane tickets to the big apple, and now FaZe have also been added to that list.

It is certainly difficult to argue with them getting a direct invitation. They are easily one of the three best teams in the world right now and have looked good at every LAN they have been to in recent months. Unlike VP and NaVi, they are certainly a team that have warranted an invitation based on their current performance.

When ESL tweeted out the announcement G2’s NBK saw this as the perfect opportunity to try and blag his team an invitation to the event.

You have to say that if FaZe get an invitation, G2 probably deserve one as well, but those slots in the competition are running out fast.