Ex-Selfless don’t show up for ESL Pro League relegation match

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It is fair to say that the ex-Selfless roster have had a very rough year. When still with the org they lost their best players, and then despite making it to the ESL Pro League the org decided to dump them midway through the season. A very disappointing series of matches saw them end up in the relegation tournament, having to fight for a spot in one of the biggest leagues in the world.

They lost their first match against Enigma6, who have since made it into the league, and this set up an elimination match against Ghost Gaming. Ghost and The Foundation (ex-Selfless) are at a fairly similar level, so many thought this would be a close and hard fought match. But it ended in a 2-0, and the reason why is not what you would expect.

With a chance at staying in the Pro League this match was pretty important, but The Foundation could not muster a team. Both maps were given as default wins to Ghost and now The Foundation will not be in the EPL next season.

In the middle of the series Matthew “mCe” Elmore posted on the ESEA Forums with a title of “DEAR RYU DEE OR CJ” and asked them to come online and play, as they had to forfeit the first map. Unfortunately none of them replied and they could not get in contact with any of their players in time.

This is not something that should ever happen at this level, especially when a place in one of the biggest leagues in the world is on the line. As you might expect, people on Reddit were not impressed, although mCe did hop on to try and clear a few things up.