Esports Integrity Coalition claims first blood with CS:GO ban

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The Esports Integrity Coalition has banned a CS:GO player from ‘all esports for 2 years from 10 May 2017 to 9 May 2019.’

Conner “zonC” Huglin who formerly played for Armor Legion Gaming is the player who has been banned. The ban is a result of zonC cheating at the Mettlestate Samsung Galaxy CS:GO Championship earlier this month. The player has admitted to using an undetectable cheat during the competition and accepted a plea bargain from the ESIC that meant no formal hearing or investigation was needed.

“It is always disappointing when someone cheats and it gives me no pleasure to ban a player, but cheating cannot be tolerated in esports – it fundamentally undermines the integrity and credibility of our industry,” said Esports Integrity Commissioner Ian Smith. “I hope this demonstrates that ESIC will deal quickly, decisively and proportionately with cheats following a fair process.”

Chances are you have probably never heard of the offender, or his team, before as they were a fairly small team that never made it to the top competitions. However this is an important step as we have someone that isn’t a tournament organizer or Valve handing out punishments.