ESL One Cologne will feature Swiss-style group stage

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ESL One Cologne is now only a matter of weeks away, and slowly but surely the final details are being revealed. We now know that the group stage will be a Swiss-style competition, and not GSL-style groups.

ESL asked all 16 teams participating in the event to vote on which system they would like to use. 10 teams voted for the Swiss system while only six voted for the GSL-style groups. With this being a cut and dry win for the Swiss format, that is what the ESL team have elected to use.

This means that the group stage will take place between July 4th and 6th. Every match will be a best of one, with the top eight teams making it to the playoff stage. The bottom eight teams will be eliminated before the main event.

The playoffs will then run between July 7th and 9th. They will be a single elimination bracket with the quarter and semifinals being best of threes and the grand final being a best of five. The full schedule for the event can be seen over on the ESL website.