EnVyUs offer Lo0p a streaming contract, earns open team spot too

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Lo0p’s week just keeps on getting better and better. After things started out in a less than ideal way the community rallied behind him, watching his stream and donating a ton of cash and love his way. His popularity made headlines across the world and it was one of the best feel good stories to ever come out of the CS:GO scene.

But late last night there was another twist. After becoming one of the most popular streamers on all of Twitch, Team EnVyUs decided to offer Lo0p a professional streaming contract, that would allow him to stream full time.

We aren’t entirely sure if this offer has gone much further than the initial tweet, but Lo0p did respond and sounded very excited, so hopefully we will see him representing EnVy sooner rather than later.

Lo0p also announced that he has found a new team to play with and will be holding an AMA today.