ECS qualifiers Bee’s Money Crew become…Ghost Gaming?

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When Bee’s Money Crew won a spot in the North American division for ECS Season 3 we knew that a ton of organizations would come knocking on their door. The league co-ownership, combined with the massive amounts of money on offer and the help YouTube is supposedly offering to grow their brands would be a very attractive proposition for any major org.

Initial rumors suggested Renegades may be interested in them as a second team. When Selfless dropped its roster we thought Ryu might sweep in and pick them up, or even Echo Fox could have been a possibility.

But no, Bee’s Money Crew decided to sign with…Ghost Gaming? Nope we have no idea who they are either.

We, of course, wish the the team the best of luck with their new organization, but there is a part of us that thinks this is more than a little strange. Even Selfless owner Ryu got in on the comments to share his opinion.