Dev1ce doesn’t think Xyp9x can be an AWPer

Right now the Astralis guys are busy bootcamping for the upcoming Major and are not playing Cologne so that they can save those precious strats. One of those strats could have been to use Xyp9x as an AWPer. Sure it would have been a bit of a crazy choice but who knows, you have to pull something big out for the Major right?

Unfortunately it does not seem like Xyp9x will become the primary AWPer for Astralis, as Dev1ce said that he doesn’t think Xyp9x will ever be the primary AWPer for any team ever. However, the Astralis media team clearly think a little differently.

While we don’t want to see Astralis throw away their chances at the Major for the sake of a meme it certainly would be entertaining if Xyp9x did act as the team’s AWPer for the first game of the Major just to troll us all.