de_canals decoy throws have brought out the Jordan in us all

With the new Canals map being available for a few days by now people have started to learn all the ins and outs, and even come up with a few interesting grenades. Of course this also lead to the return of the decoy freethrow meme, with people trying to find the best ways to get the decoy into the trash can.

From downtown.

Nothing but can.

Then things started to get a little silly. Soon we had people producing gifs like this, that initially seem legit, only to troll us at the last moment.

Even Anders got in on the action.

Once we thought this couldn’t get any more extreme Reddit user haxborn presented us with this, and it basically set the internet on fire.

The comments of the Reddit thread featured tons haters and defenders, but somehow it eventually turned into a coding class, with people whipping out their best C, Java and SQL skills.

But the memes were still strong.