Cloud9 put in work to make it out of ESL One Cologne groups

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After a bit of a disappointing run on LAN Cloud9 have suddenly found some form. At ECS they easily managed to make it out of the group stage, although couldn’t make it any further than that and now they have managed to make it to the main event of ESL One Cologne. However their group stage in Germany was a lot tougher than the one in the UK.

Things started off poorly for C9 with a match against the new look Ninjas in Pyjamas who were out to prove that they made a good decision when they dropped Friberg for Rez. Cloud9 lost this match 16-12 and started 0-1 in the competition.

Then they faced NaVi and lost once again. However this was the grueling 34-32 overtime loss that became the longest match in ESL One history. This put them on the brink of elimination and meant they would have to win all three of their remaining matches to make it through.

Fortunately they were drawn against TyLoo who they beat 16-9 and Immortals who they beat 16-11 setting up a final match against mousesports for the last spot in the main event.

This final match was incredibly tense and as you might have guessed it went to overtime once again. The first set of overtime couldn’t separate the two teams so it started again, with C9 eventually coming out on top 22-20.

With this OT win and the mammoth loss to NaVi, along with their other three matches Cloud9 played a total of 188 rounds to make it through to the playoffs. Considering that is in just five games that is a ridiculous number.

To get out of groups of Cologne, Cloud9 played 188 rounds in 5 matches. from GlobalOffensive

All of that was just to make it into the top eight!