Canals has physically impossible windows

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Canals has been available for a good little while now, so you best believe the Counter-Strike community has found lots of reasons to be pissed off about it. Here’s the latest: window positioning is inconsistent on the interior and exterior of buildings.


This one rode up the subreddit like a frothing, snorting horse of fury over the weekend and it makes us want to throw kittens into a blender and mash our faces against the dial until our eyes burst.

As if that weren’t enough, apparently THIS happens as well.

Honestly, we need a moment.

OK we’ve calmed down now.

Some players saw the funny side, at least, using the Canals windows revelations (Canalwindowgate?) as a prompt to envisage future patch notes:

Funny though it is, however, there is a serious reason to be, like, mildly perturbed, at least – perhaps to the same degree you would be if you opened your McDonald’s bag and remembered you forgot to pick up a straw – and that’s the possibility that misaligned windows might impact wallbang potential.

We’re big fans of wallbangs, as you may have noticed from our guide content, so we do hope Valve finds a way to do something about this. In the meantime though, please avoid showing us any more Canals inconsistencies – we’re already tilted.